Helping working class people grasp & understand tax law so they too can better Regulate Money, Shelter Money & pay little to NO TAXES throughout the calender year.


1040, 1040X, 1099 Misc/NEC, Sch. A, B, C, D, E & F, 1120/1120S, 1065, 990/990EZ in addtion to 8949/1099-B for Capital Gains & Loss Reporting.


Quarterly advisory overviews & stratagems to help Streamline, Automate & Scale your business for Consistent profits.


Knowledgeable tax professionals take what they do seriously. We provide year-round sales training so tax practitioners can stay relevant in order to build a consistent revolving door book of business.


Capital gains are profits from the sale of an asset— shares of stock, a piece of land, a business, digital currencies — and are considered taxable income. Gains taxation is based on length of the held asset before selling.


If you owe IRS or your local state money in back taxes, We help relieve weight in regards to translation of IRS dialect! Audit Asst., Offer-In-Compromises, Advocacy: Intent to Levy, Delinquent Notices etc.


Jeremiah provided me with a level of expertise we didn't know existed in a tax professional. TaxNerd serviced me through the choppy waters of taxation in business, was there for every part of the process to ultimately help us understand how to legitimately keep from paying 32% in taxes, to paying only 3% in taxes. True Expertise!

Marcus Champion

Chairman & CEO- Champion & Associates

Jeremiah by far is one of the most knowledgeable tax professional's I've ever encountered. I am extremely happy that I made the decision to file my taxes with TaxNerd. Jeremiah is very honorable and trustworthy. In all my years of tax filing this is the most I've ever received back in income-tax refunds as an Educator.

Shellie Slack

Chairman & CEO of B.E. - Transformation

If there is a tax code on the books that will help you and your family pay less in taxes, Jeremiah will recommend it for the mitigation of tax-debt that fits your situation. With me being at a distance in Georgia, this service is even more impeccable. Jeremiah is a thorough tax advisor, a gifted young man & a rising star in his niche.

Allison Hurst

Retired Fire Fighter

Tax time used to be an emotionally and financially taxing time of year for me, thanks to Jeremiah, that's a thing of the past! Through TaxNerd, Jeremiah will help to navigate thru the complicated tax & investment issues that challenges you. Do like I did, take control of all the available tax advantages and pay little to no taxes!

Mark Abel

U.S. Licensed Coast Guard Captain

Jeremiah has been invaluable in assisting me with my journey to create wealth through owning my own business. Without Jeremiah’s tax knowledge, I would not been able to understand how the IRS tax code works. Truly an expert at helping you scale your business & position you to pay little to NO TAXES year-round.

Shameka Dwight

Model, Singer/Song Writer & Artist Manager

Not only does Jeremiah prepare taxes, he asked questions about our occupation & well being in order to help with what we can and cannot deduct to improve our bottom line. Jeremiah helped us receive entitled refund money back in a legitimate way. Because of that, we are now landlords & the stability of our money is better.

Joyce B. Keith

Environmental Health Safety & Security Manager