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A knowledgeable & credentialed tax professional can save you plenty of cash that would otherwise go into Uncle Sam’s pockets. There’s a good reason for that sentiment – tax advisors possess the proficiency to understand the massive, complicated and often confusing U.S. tax code. The actual size of the U.S. tax code is 2,600 pages long, although accompanying explanations and all past tax statutes push that number up to70,000 pages.

Buried in those pages are both trap doors and tax breaks that average Americans likely wouldn’t recognize, but a professional tax advisor would. Aside from actual tax returns, a tax advisor can also steer individuals and businesses to tax-advantaged money moves in key areas like retirement, estate planning, investment management, and small business planning.

In addition, major life events, like a marriage, the birth of a child, or buying a home can also be scenarios where consumers could leave money on the table if they don’t consult with a “knowledgeable” tax profiessional.

FYI: When it comes to paying little to NO TAXES, establishing yourself as a business entity is key. Operating your business on a substandard tier such as a sole proprietor, gridlocks you to a double-taxation of 15.3% in self-employment tax and another 10 to 37% in income-tax based on how much revenue you generate. A sober-minded business owner will structure their business efficiently and acquire a tax professional along the way, so he or she can yield as much money as they desire,
in order to pay little to NO TAXES on it at the beginning of a new calendar year.

We understand that our clients, customers and prospective consumers have busy lives,
and they are always on the go. That’s why we provide a platform of multiple options
if you can’t physically step into our location.

We also understand that those in various industries such as transportation, armed forces
law enforcement, healthcare, education, marine, f.a.a. etc. don’t have time to wait or be seen. Therefore, we have in place or TaxNerd Client Portal. It provides identity protection to the client/customer or prospective consumer, the sharing of information, document uploading and the tracking of progress with in-depth correspondence to keep you informed & us accountable.

Our team of tax advisors have the expertise to help you. They work tactifully to make sure your request for services & products are expedited in order to position you in the long run to thrive in what your do best. All “prospective” consumers are subject to undergo a TaxNerd Analysis.


No more having to take time off your busy day!

• Transparent Client Relation Consults

• User Friendly Streamlined Systems

• Remote Consumer Servicing From Anywhere


Upload & Send your documents remotely by way the of our secure “TaxNerd Canopy Client Portal” to expedite the process of your requested services needed. We strive in keeping your personal info protected.


Spread the word to your family, friends, neighbors and colleague’s on the impeccable service you experienced and receive a $60 reward (in which we can service & complete processing) for every person you refer to us Year-Round!



Jeremiah provided me with a level of expertise we didn't know existed in a tax professional. TaxNerd serviced me through the choppy waters of taxation in business, was there for every part of the process to ultimately help us understand how to legitimately keep from paying 32% in taxes, to paying only 3% in taxes. True Expertise!

Marcus Champion

Chairman & CEO- Champion & Associates

Jeremiah by far is one of the most knowledgeable tax professional's I've ever encountered. I am extremely happy that I made the decision to file my taxes with TaxNerd. Jeremiah is very honorable and trustworthy. In all my years of tax filing this is the most I've ever received back in income-tax refunds as an Educator.

Shellie Slack

Chairman & CEO of B.E. - Transformation

If there is a tax code on the books that will help you and your family pay less in taxes, Jeremiah will recommend it for the mitigation of tax-debt that fits your situation. With me being at a distance in Georgia, this service is even more impeccable. Jeremiah is a thorough tax advisor, a gifted young man & a rising star in his niche.

Allison Hurst

Retired Fire Fighter

Tax time used to be an emotionally and financially taxing time of year for me, thanks to Jeremiah, that's a thing of the past! Through TaxNerd, Jeremiah will help to navigate thru the complicated tax & investment issues that challenges you. Do like I did, take control of all the available tax advantages and pay little to no taxes!

Mark Abel

U.S. Licensed Coast Guard Captain

Jeremiah has been invaluable in assisting me with my journey to create wealth through owning my own business. Without Jeremiah’s tax knowledge, I would not been able to understand how the IRS tax code works. Truly an expert at helping you scale your business & position you to pay little to NO TAXES year-round.

Shameka Dwight

Model, Singer/Song Writer & Artist Manager

Not only does Jeremiah prepare taxes, he asked questions about our occupation & well being in order to help with what we can and cannot deduct to improve our bottom line. Jeremiah helped us receive entitled refund money back in a legitimate way. Because of that, we are now landlords & the stability of our money is better.

Joyce B. Keith

Environmental Health Safety & Security Manager